When we are surfing the internet and we are not able to load web pages or open youtube or anything, we should understand that it is the router which is not connected and creating problems.italic text It might happen that the broadband or internet light on our router flashing. Let’s have a look on simple steps that might fix most of the problems.
Turn it off and on again.

It is quite simple. Turning everything off and back on again really fix most connection problemsitalic text. There is a power switch off on the back of the router.
Shut down the computer and wait for 30 seconds, then turn on everything back on. After a few minutes, check the connection again.
Check your landline phone is working or not?italic text
On the second step, you should the phone line connection. Is it ok or not?
Plug a phone into the filter with which your bright box router is connected. Then listen for dial tone. If dial tone is not ringing and you cannot hear noise of your dial-tone or too much noise, you should visit http://routertechsupport.net/netgear-customer-support/
Your account is live or not?italic text
If you are new to the connection, check your service is active by logging in to your account.
If your connection has suddenly stopped, log in to your account and check the bill. Proper check whether the bill is fully paid or not. Most of the time, if the bill is not paid service provider used to disconnect the connection. So, make a call and confirm it with your router and internet provider.
Is It plugged in and turned on?italic text
From time to time, power switches can turn off, cables can be loose or find wrong sockets. Properly check the everything I turned on, and connected to the correct socket.
Check your broadband light.italic text
See whether broadband light is green or not. It used to flash a green light. Check your internet light. Is it solid or blinking green or not? If it started to blink, it’s a good news for you. Your connection will be on.
You need to enter your username and password on your router to make it connected.
Connection between your router and the computer device
Make sure both the device's computer and router are connected properly or not.
These are the simple steps that can turn on your router and bring a smile on your face. For more setting up and technical issue, you can see this website for more guidelines: http://routertechsupport.net/tenda-router-support-number/