1.       Email overload

sometimes it happens that if you have an account of email with Gmail… and you haven’t received a mail from any region, in that case, your important information can not reach to you because of your account limitation or sometimes it happens that they find the local copy of their Gmail in the outlook profile is very large and corrupted to also.  It means that the profile in outlook does not match in what Gmail says on the server and I have to fix that to make it match up. Then the corrupted emails are fresh, most of the time we have to mail off the new profile.

2.       Stop email sending or receiving

Sometimes it happens that email stop sending or receiving both, to solve this we have to move to a lot of an email. Usually, start with sent items as it is easiest to move off the server. Move them in a file like PST. After that move all the mail to a local PST file. Just clean three folders and puts outlook back in running shape again.

3.       Not by the Google Apps Sync tool

If you have Gmail as a server and outlook the platform to read the email, by downloading Google apps Sync tool you can synchronize your email, contacts and clander4, Google apps system. You must have less issue by using this tool, but if you have then it means there is a conflict.

Email aside for later

Sometimes it happens that we won't give a reply  to the sender because of either doesn't have the time or may be another region. When you read something and you haven’t reply him then mark that as an unread, or you can also create a folder like a reply letter so that you can reply him after some time. It’s like a reminder for you.

How to retire an email account

Export all the emails and then import the archive into the email service that is currently using. That’s the region for the consolidated my accounts.

How to combine multiple accounts

You can set up a folder to the main account, for each email you can use each alternate address for each. Then set up the filters that stream the message from each account into its particular folder, based on the to address. In this way, you can view all at a place, or you can review it by looking it in each account’s folder.

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