Chrome is the most usable browser in the world, but it doesn’t mean that it is perfect. Here are some frustrating Google Chrome irritations and their fixes.

Stop accidental closure

Chrome offering a native prompt whenever you close a number of the Tab simultaneously. The advance option is provided by a feature competing browsers provide. Just in the website by opening it, then click on the Tab for selecting pin tab. It will shrink and take up for the obtrusive amount of space for the left Tabs, but you may try to close chrome prompt that will ask you to really want to leave the site. Protect your tab from the void. Select close or leave to leave the chrome.

Block irritating data requests asks permission before allowing websites to locate location or it may push notifications. It’s good but it gets awfully irritating, awfully fast.
Click on the vertical dot’s which is present at the right-hand corner of the chrome to open the browser’s options. After selecting the settings just click on the advance setting at the bottom, after that click on the content settings button of the privacy section. You may look at the menu that appears for location and notification option. Select Do not allow any site which shows notifications option just to ban pesky prompts.

They will not allow the site to track a location, but some website which we want may not behave as intended. But if want to blacklist the prompts but you may allow a particular site to access, both location and notification sections will allow you to white list hand picked pages.
Scale the interface

Chrome did not play good with windows’ fault interface scaling, which sucks when you will browse on a display with an exceptionally high or low resolution, it means that on screen element may look to either small or large, Chrome is major window app with useful UI scaling options of its own.

In chrome advance settings follow the outline path on the outline tip just to tinker with outline zoom percentage until you achieved the level of clarity, this features will change the scaling of on page elements. Just right click on the desktop and after that select the display setting option for just to change that on window 10.

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